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kyomaku πŸ”₯ 472 days ago

it's too hot to do anything i swear

kyomaku 😢 476 days ago

the fair was not that fun. oh well

kyomaku ✨ 476 days ago

going to the county fair later today, i hope itll be as fun as im hoping it to be

kyomaku πŸ”₯ 477 days ago

it should be illegal for it to be this hot i swear to god!!!

kyomaku 😎 479 days ago

i <3 pistachios. like yes queen make me work for it i feel like an animal getting food enrichment

kyomaku πŸŒ™ 482 days ago

slept all day yesterday.....

kyomaku 🎢 483 days ago

making a playlist of some of my favorite songs that kind of vaguely go together :)

kyomaku πŸ”₯ 483 days ago

it's so hot T_T

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