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kyomaku 🙃 25 days ago

i hate that everything has to be mobile responsive nowadays. its so much extra work for literally nothing

kyomaku ✨ 29 days ago

god i love collecting rocks. rainbow aura quartz... :) ough.... :))

kyomaku 🌧️ 31 days ago

i always feel left out of everything.

kyomaku 🌧️ 38 days ago

ok, yeah, i'm definitely depressed. :/

kyomaku 🙃 44 days ago

haven't had the motivation to work on the website much as of late... just a bit depressed methinks

kyomaku 🤔 48 days ago

i'm a bit overdue for another journal entry, but i just don't have much to talk about... agh

kyomaku ✨ 52 days ago

still so happy about my url :) who's online? kyomaku's online!!!

kyomaku 🌙 57 days ago

apologies for inactivity-- i am, unsurprisingly, once again, nocturnal. god help us all!!!

kyomaku 💀 66 days ago

somebody needs to pressure wash my eyeballs because i cannot handle all these eye floaters in my vision

kyomaku 💤 68 days ago

wishing i wasnt waking up sooo late recently arghgghghg

kyomaku ✨ 76 days ago

beach was fuuun but not enough shells though >_> 2 many people

kyomaku ✨ 76 days ago

beach was fuuun but enough shells though >_> 2 many people

kyomaku 🥺 79 days ago

i wanna go to the beach soooo bad. i wanna go to the beach and eat ice cream and look for seashells

kyomaku ✨ 82 days ago

new year... new pee 😎

kyomaku 🌈 96 days ago

AHHH it's night of the nocturne on flight rising!! my favorite!!!! :D

kyomaku 🥳 103 days ago

all moved in :) rest of the apt is a mess but at least i got my puter set up

kyomaku 😱 116 days ago

moving thursday!!!! aaaa suffering arghgg bite kill bite bite kill bite

kyomaku 🙃 117 days ago

i'm sooo over having to pack oh my god. spiders everywhere!!! i have arachnophobia so it sucks

kyomaku 😭 120 days ago

very very nervous about moving

kyomaku 🎁 125 days ago

probably wont update the site as much this coming week or two, busy moving....

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