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kwaamfan 🌱 6 days ago

spring is just a never ending fight between me and the pollen

kwaamfan 🤒 26 days ago

two weeks ago i was sick and now i have an ear infection… no one suffers like i do </3

kwaamfan ✅ 37 days ago

FINALLY finished sentence mining The Sign… took so long bc i was busy taking notes on how to be a hater from Dr. Chalothon ✍️

kwaamfan 🤒 45 days ago

think i’m coming down with a cold 😔

kwaamfan 🍷 48 days ago

why am i so sensitive to alcohol 😭 even having one drink ruins my sleep

kwaamfan 🥱 49 days ago

i need to properly learn javascript one day instead of just relying on spaghetti code copy pasted from random stack overflow answers ^^;