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kumalumaa 😭 109 days ago

I live! Man it's been a while, I've had zero time to be on this side of the web. really miss it here

kumalumaa 🙃 206 days ago

I quit Genshin only to get sucked into Honkai Star Rail, gatcha hell really can never be escaped

kumalumaa 🥺 226 days ago

Finished Lucifer and I'm in tears, the ending was just too perfect

kumalumaa 💤 238 days ago

I never want to get out of bed

kumalumaa 🌧️ 240 days ago

Very sad to see the yesterweb ring shutdown, but I understand something that size can become unmanageable

kumalumaa 🥱 244 days ago

Lost my password so had to make a new account on the bright side I've been very motivated to draw lately