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kul 🌙 672 days ago

so melodramatic

kul ✏️ 672 days ago

I have more than I've ever had yet I feel the least hopeful I've ever felt

kul ✏️ 679 days ago

often I find it hard to be my own person. fear of judgement has pushed me to become a mimic. I envy those who are relentlessly themselves.

kul ✅ 679 days ago

ugg boots on, ready to take on the world

kul ⛵ 681 days ago


kul 🍿 684 days ago

enjoying Archive 81 so far, kinda wish I lived in that bunker house. the brutalist concrete and wood contrast really does it for me

kul ☕ 685 days ago

macadamia honey muesli and tea for me