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heyo! 23 y/o he/him from Poland, front-end web developer by trade. a quiet, patient, stoic person. my main hobbies are (included but not limited to): video games, technology, web development and watching movies!


kubikill 📱 3 days ago

finally got a new phone and installed CalyxOS on it. it works surprisingly well even without full Google Play

kubikill 🙂 14 days ago

taking some rest, feeling somewhat better now

kubikill 😭 16 days ago

feeling really terrible. cant bring myself to work, things dont bring as much joy as they did. im suspecting i might be getting depressed

kubikill ✏️ 17 days ago

trying to get myself motivated to work

kubikill 🎮 19 days ago

it's impressive to see the Helldivers 2 community band together against that PSN account requirement. they REALLY love democracy

kubikill 🎮 30 days ago

cleaned my Steam friends list, from around 350 ppl to 149. most of those removed were ppl that got added just to do one trade

kubikill ✏️ 31 days ago

why are people still using adobe XD to design websites, that software is dead already

kubikill 📰 33 days ago

i set up my own FreshRSS instance! having all places i follow in one place is REALLY useful

kubikill 📱 34 days ago

time to start limiting my phone usage

kubikill 🙃 35 days ago

happy 4/20

kubikill 🙂 35 days ago

weekend!! finally got some rest, feeling better now

kubikill 🥱 37 days ago

i have little energy left, most likely will take a break from neocities until weekend

kubikill 💀 38 days ago

living on the countryside is making me feel lonely and isolated. no one to talk to, and even if i had someone, there's not much to do here

kubikill 🎶 39 days ago

i'm bewildered by how Bejeweled 2, a match-three puzzle game, has such a great soundtrack

kubikill 🎮 40 days ago

casually ignoring my game backlog to play TF2 MvM instead

kubikill 🥱 41 days ago

after 3 weeks of time off, time to get back to work tomorrow

kubikill 🤩 43 days ago

styled my status.cafe profile and updated my website! pretty happy with how the profile style turned out :D

kubikill 🙂 43 days ago

back from vacation!! time to catch up on things and style my status.cafe profile

kubikill 🥱 46 days ago

i made 12k steps in half a day and my legs are dying, but it was worth it to be able to check out Sopot

kubikill 🚄 47 days ago

going to Gdańsk to spend my vacation there!