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hi im kris


kris-scapes 🌙 24 days ago

god when was the last time i've written anything since my graduation

kris-scapes 🌙 46 days ago

graduation..... is so close....... i gotta lock in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kris-scapes 🌙 216 days ago

christmas break..... soon.....

kris-scapes 🌙 245 days ago

i love staying up all night but staying up all night doesnt love me back

kris-scapes 🌙 246 days ago

html makes me want to bite off my fingers

kris-scapes 🌙 260 days ago

basking in the moonlight

kris-scapes 🌙 260 days ago

started replaying cookie clicker... ough

kris-scapes 🌙 279 days ago

more ppl should use wingdings

kris-scapes 🌙 279 days ago

oh, food. you're the only thing keeping me going

kris-scapes 🌙 279 days ago

i hate buses so fucking much

kris-scapes 🌙 280 days ago

went to school sleepy came back even SLEEPIER....... gaaahhhghhh.....

kris-scapes 🌙 281 days ago

getting sleepery. ggodnight.

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