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komeetta 🙂 19 days ago

Putting Myself Out There

komeetta 🎲 21 days ago

today's side quests: return a card to its owner and see a church

komeetta 🐱 22 days ago

okay so. single now

komeetta 🥰 22 days ago

coffee & going to girlfriend's house soon <-:

komeetta 🤔 27 days ago

what do i even want to do with my website? mmmmmmmm

komeetta 🙂 30 days ago

to anyone reading this: yes, your life WILL improve when you stop watching tiktoks and instagram reels

komeetta 😶 31 days ago

i love and hate the amount of effort coding and planning a layout takes

komeetta 💤 37 days ago

thinking about the moomins...

komeetta 📚 40 days ago

so many interesting titles to read for uni...

komeetta 🌙 41 days ago

about to go on the classic kids' cartoon plot journey of cloning myself so i could do multiple things at once