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I love Hatsune Miku! Shoujo and pink!


kobenirat 👽 49 days ago

Today I sold some toys and old clothes!! I'm happy I earned some money

kobenirat 💡 52 days ago

Today I'll reset my life! taking a good shower and clean my room

kobenirat 🎮 57 days ago

I want to play roblox

kobenirat ☕️ 58 days ago

Tomorrow i'm hanging out with friends AA

kobenirat 🎮 60 days ago

Today i'm gonna play with friends! I'm happy

kobenirat ✨ 61 days ago

Happy new year! 2024!

kobenirat 😇 63 days ago

After being sick, finally I'll be able to do skincare ♡

kobenirat 😇 65 days ago

I finally cleaned my room after being sick ;;, tomorrow i'm updating my blog :D

kobenirat 🥰 67 days ago

I bought games today, happy happy, merry christmas

kobenirat 😴 71 days ago

I'm tired ;;, I'm sick

kobenirat 📖 72 days ago

I'll read "The guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all" AAAA I'm so excited!!!

kobenirat 💀 75 days ago

I think i'm gonna get a cold ;;

kobenirat 🥹 76 days ago

I love skincare!