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As you see, I kinda love the Inter font


kmaasrud 🥳 263 days ago

So happy that I got into the CS: Physics master's program

kmaasrud ✈️ 286 days ago

Packing for my holiday today. Really excited!

kmaasrud 💀 288 days ago

Today's workout killed me

kmaasrud 🌧️ 289 days ago

Missing her...

kmaasrud ✨ 294 days ago

Playing squash today 🎾

kmaasrud 🙂 299 days ago

that link in my previous status got totally butchered...

kmaasrud 📺 300 days ago

okey, but how good is Better Call Saul?!

kmaasrud 🥰 301 days ago

Today is a good day, as I get to spend it with her

kmaasrud ☕ 302 days ago

Today is a "warm cup of tea" type of day

kmaasrud 🤒 302 days ago

This fever is killing me...