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hello species from afar!! this is where i say stupid thoughts and opinions!!!! aswell as my daily life as a cat alien if i desire to do so,,, check out my neocities for max silliness <;3c


klomfel ✨ 60 days ago

happy new year!! but im a day late in my timezone ehhe

klomfel 🤔 92 days ago

does this person like me or are they just being nice.??

klomfel 🙃 103 days ago

thank u SO MUCH past me for making my life harder and doing the site button on ms paint :)

klomfel 💔 106 days ago

did not expect that grief would be this intense

klomfel 💔 107 days ago

so lonely not participating in a group project becos of serious reasons :((

klomfel 💻 125 days ago

i have such an insane game idea but i also have no coding skill in creating games

klomfel 🎁 144 days ago

this alien substance has turned SIXTEEN TODAY

klomfel ❤️ 176 days ago

how do i differentiate a crush and gender envy

klomfel ✏️ 189 days ago

i love u clip studio paint canvas recovery u are a lifesaver

klomfel 📚 194 days ago

why are action fantasy manhwas always the most fruitiest ones......

klomfel 💤 196 days ago

school event is OVERRR I AM TIRED

klomfel 🤐 199 days ago

been walking 1 mile from school to home and my legs are DEAD

klomfel 🐱 201 days ago

my cat just gave birth on me

klomfel 🤒 202 days ago


klomfel 🤖 204 days ago

going to learn javascript!! ...worst mistake i have ever done!!!

klomfel 😡 205 days ago

to the dunkin donut employee... STOP FILLING THE BAVARIAN ON ONE SIDE