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klaviergavin 🍷 196 days ago

I will definitely make you love me again

klaviergavin 🍷 204 days ago

hes getting tired of me >//<

klaviergavin 🍷 238 days ago

me n besti talkin about our old gacha era

klaviergavin 🍷 302 days ago

framedrops makes me go insane

klaviergavin 🍷 318 days ago

watching fanganronpas to cope

klaviergavin 🍷 329 days ago

puss in boots 2 was so good

klaviergavin 🍷 333 days ago

Happy new year? ! As we say goodbye to the year 2022 and welcome 2023 with renewed hopes and an opportunity to set new goals ^__^ ! !

klaviergavin 🍷 334 days ago

Teammates? Friends? To hell with that! Why am I inferior to you? I was particular about my life, my grades, my public image, so someone woul