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Sup, I'm KiwiMeowo, I talk about my life, my interests and my OCs.

Check out my neocities site if you are interested!


kiwimeowo 🔥 32 days ago

"Here's a playlist for my OC lore <3" And it's just a list of my favourite songs

kiwimeowo ☕️ 32 days ago

The fact OC writers can ship their OCs and not make them canon is kinda funny (I am OC writer)

kiwimeowo ☀️ 33 days ago

I have time to draw today~

kiwimeowo 🔥 34 days ago

Today is tiring but there is food at the conference so all is good

kiwimeowo 🤔 37 days ago

Lavender my OC is oddly popular

kiwimeowo 🔥 39 days ago

I dont like anxiety

kiwimeowo 🙂 41 days ago

Day off! I should do homework, do housework and play with my Nintendogs

kiwimeowo 🔥 43 days ago

soldering is kinda fun

kiwimeowo 😭 46 days ago

Jesus Neocities is so broken I cant edit my site

kiwimeowo 🤔 46 days ago

Yea I think Neocities is broken

kiwimeowo ✨ 48 days ago

It's nice to clean my home

kiwimeowo 🍙 50 days ago

lunch soon lunch soon

kiwimeowo 🌧️ 51 days ago

The dreams lately are a bit unpleasant, idk why

kiwimeowo 😭 52 days ago

Summer term just started and i already hate it

kiwimeowo 💀 53 days ago

Damn why is delta emulator so hard to control

kiwimeowo ❤️ 54 days ago

Playing Solatorobo

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