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where the fuck am i



killing-machine 💾 7 days ago

large visual overhaul, grunt dressup update, misc adjustments, 2024 pics in photo gallery, and other misc adjustments and etc

killing-machine 💾 158 days ago

Added web hoarde, added gmod screenshots, added weedposting section, fixed mediaplayer archive, added system information in NEXUS-OS, re-add

killing-machine 💾 167 days ago

added shrines, collections in the gallery, reorganized navigation, new links and misc things

killing-machine 💾 171 days ago

New things added in the grunt dress up game, minimal fixes around index. still working on updates for the primary website

killing-machine 💾 193 days ago

MASSIVE website overhaul, everything is changed up. it is very limited but I will be adding everything back soon.

killing-machine 💾 203 days ago

Going to start using this for updates on my website. Would give this an actual use now

killing-machine 💾 309 days ago

Thanks for 100k hits! that's a lot of you woah. Gonna take a bit for the next update though, in a bit of a creative rut. woops

killing-machine 💾 341 days ago

realized i haven't updated my site in a month, still working on a bigger update. I've got some goofy shit coming up

killing-machine 💾 368 days ago

Just got my 3ds and waiting for my adapter to come in, can't wait to mod this thing

killing-machine 💾 374 days ago

my hungry ass could never meet jerma985 in person

killing-machine 💾 381 days ago

Got myself some new cool shit, feeling pretty good.

killing-machine 💾 398 days ago

Holy shit? 50k hits? damn thanks for looking at my silly website lmao

killing-machine 💾 404 days ago

having the art block of web building. I have things I want done but no idea how to execute them AUHG

killing-machine 💾 405 days ago

going silly going a bit wild running directly into a cement wall and exploding

killing-machine 🙂 405 days ago

Its getting warmer, I'm not excited about the heat but i mean the spring time is pretty nice.

killing-machine 💾 406 days ago

made some new pixels and stamps, forgot how fun making these are

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