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where the fuck am i



killing-machine 💾 10 days ago

Just got my 3ds and waiting for my adapter to come in, can't wait to mod this thing

killing-machine 💾 16 days ago

my hungry ass could never meet jerma985 in person

killing-machine 💾 22 days ago

Got myself some new cool shit, feeling pretty good.

killing-machine 💾 40 days ago

Holy shit? 50k hits? damn thanks for looking at my silly website lmao

killing-machine 💾 45 days ago

having the art block of web building. I have things I want done but no idea how to execute them AUHG

killing-machine 💾 47 days ago

going silly going a bit wild running directly into a cement wall and exploding

killing-machine 🙂 47 days ago

Its getting warmer, I'm not excited about the heat but i mean the spring time is pretty nice.

killing-machine 💾 48 days ago

made some new pixels and stamps, forgot how fun making these are

killing-machine 📺 57 days ago

current site update wore me out, sat and worked on it for 10 hours in one sitting. time for a long ass nap

killing-machine 📺 60 days ago

Another all nighter and losing track of time. time to take a long ass sleep.

killing-machine 🌱 66 days ago

rare occurance that my curse becomes a blessing, hell yeah

killing-machine 💾 67 days ago

im so tired holy shit, burnt myself out on EVERYTHING