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kiaitame ✨ 18 days ago

i didn't cry today ✨

kiaitame 🐶 19 days ago

today we make pie. lots of pie.

kiaitame 💾 26 days ago

slow progress is better than no progress!!

kiaitame ☕️ 29 days ago

so i beat detective pikachu returns in three days

kiaitame 🍞 38 days ago

i'm gonna make rosemary bread! :9

kiaitame 💀 39 days ago

i completely didn't realise Halloween is in a week

kiaitame 🫖 40 days ago

low energy today. altho, thinking of making a game instead of the usual novel writing for november. i have 0.001 experience in this.

kiaitame 🥱 41 days ago

not really excited to go to work. should i go see The Birds tonight?