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im silly im silly im silly im silly im sil
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kero 💀 18 days ago

damn school got hands....

kero 💀 32 days ago

its a day before school starts and im sat here thinking about adler signalis....

kero 🙃 33 days ago

ooogh i might remake my undying page

kero ✨ 36 days ago

prettied up my status page~ yay!

kero 💀 36 days ago

tried to make a new page incident 10000 dead thousands more injured

kero 💀 37 days ago

rewatched a bit of mystreet s1 for nostalgia reasons and wow younger kero did NOT understand how cringe it was

kero 🐱 37 days ago

meiaw :3

kero 🌈 37 days ago

ALRRIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! I think ive got it working! :D

kero 🙂 37 days ago

testing! testing! 123!