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kelprot ✏️ 65 days ago

reminder 2 myself to update the celeste shrine bc i've just put another 200 hours into the game

kelprot ✏️ 143 days ago

happy new year ^_^

kelprot ✏️ 194 days ago

happy birthday to the site ^_^

kelprot ✏️ 204 days ago

work is killing me but i stay silly despite it all

kelprot ✏️ 205 days ago

uh oh

kelprot ✏️ 224 days ago

10k unique visitors on the site tracker 🎉🎉

kelprot ✏️ 226 days ago

i gotta stop wasting so much time

kelprot ✏️ 252 days ago


kelprot ✏️ 256 days ago

happy one year splatoon 3 👍 my favourite mid game

kelprot ✏️ 266 days ago

pour one out for nuked by staff gone too soon, etc

kelprot ✏️ 266 days ago

tumblr staff just terminated all my blogs 4 no reason. goodbye social media! i guess

kelprot ✏️ 272 days ago

every time the catbox servers go down i shed a tear. RIP brother

kelprot ✏️ 279 days ago

fire emblem....................takes a long drag from my cigarette

kelprot 💻 289 days ago

spent 4 hours working on that new photo page. 1am is such a beautiful time to come to my senses and go to bed

kelprot ✏️ 289 days ago

back @ work!!!!! minimum wage woes...always thank your local heroes (customer service workers)

kelprot 🚄 294 days ago

Airport time yayyyy ^_^

kelprot ✏️ 295 days ago

back on tha homestuck reread. up to pg 3096

kelprot ✏️ 295 days ago

reminder to myself to rework the resource page at some point

kelprot ✏️ 298 days ago

Work has me covering 3 extra shifts this week. AUGH

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