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kclass 🤒 235 days ago

it's like the process of setting up an appointment with a psychiatrist was built specifically to keep mentally ill people out

kclass 🌧️ 244 days ago

like it feels like nowhere on the internet is safe anymore. he's stalking me across everything and i don't know how to stop him

kclass ✏️ 245 days ago

i would like to exist without randos stalking me across 3 whole accounts

kclass 🌙 246 days ago


kclass 🌧️ 268 days ago

i can feel my seasonal depression coming back :( i don't want to be sad 3/4ths of the year

kclass 😭 269 days ago

(makes my fursona an evil kitty who m*rders people because it's edgy) i'm so problematic

kclass 😡 274 days ago

if my stalker would just fuck off forever i would deeply appreciate it

kclass 😴 275 days ago

so tired but i can't sleep :[ it's 3:40 in the morning

kclass 😯 276 days ago

idk like i was expecting closer to popeye's quality. i set my expectations too high u_u

kclass 😭 276 days ago

damn ok kfc sucks i should have ordered smthn else

kclass 🧋 276 days ago


kclass 💀 278 days ago

centrists be like "you have to respect people's right to believe you don't deserve rights" literally shut the fuck up

kclass 🎤 280 days ago

[taps microphone] is this thing on