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super awesome cardcaptor sakura, kingdom hearts, and shinee fan


kazumasgirl101 💤 27 days ago

have gone through way too many versions of myself and somehow im still not me

kazumasgirl101 🌧️ 29 days ago

lord... please bless taylor swift (wtf was ttpd god pls)

kazumasgirl101 💤 81 days ago

dont look there's a bjork and kk slider listener behind you

kazumasgirl101 💤 97 days ago

top ten ways to k word myself without feeling pain

kazumasgirl101 ☀️ 125 days ago

and if im gone tmr, what was ours still will be

kazumasgirl101 💻 142 days ago

i saw akechi and i literally started kicking my feet and giggling. i swear im not a fan i swea-

kazumasgirl101 😭 174 days ago

SHUAKEEE [llantos like those never heard before]

kazumasgirl101 🌙 201 days ago

i think abt jumping off very tall somethings

kazumasgirl101 💤 209 days ago

sry i havent been updating like i planned school's been killing me x_x

kazumasgirl101 💻 235 days ago

new layout for the blog is amidst hehehe....

kazumasgirl101 🤒 282 days ago

thats how trucy became trucy wright... my daughter

kazumasgirl101 💻 344 days ago

i need to get into fashion so bad omfg

kazumasgirl101 💤 346 days ago

wont chu be my baby? california wine....!!!!! im not the same person after atsv 0_0

kazumasgirl101 😶 350 days ago

i wish this had sillier emojis actually

kazumasgirl101 💤 361 days ago


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