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I'm Katie Ampersand! I make a lot of art, most of which tries to blur the line between abstraction and concreteness. I'm currently making a webcomic!


katieampersand 🎲 524 days ago

my life is an impossible optimization problem

katieampersand ❄️ 528 days ago

i've been sick for two months non stop. fun /s

katieampersand 🤒 538 days ago

something's stinking up my whole place and i cant find what it is i hate this

katieampersand 😭 542 days ago

i want to work on my webcomic but im so tired

katieampersand 🤔 544 days ago

describing my own work is like the hardest part of making it

katieampersand 🎨 544 days ago

found a random cool person on neocities and i vibed so hard i feel the need to contact them somehow