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:v pog the stylesheet effects this whole page


kateyagi 🏆 37 days ago

Seems like lynx will write a config file now and actually read it. If I can get cookie whitelisting going I might use this more often.

kateyagi ✹ 37 days ago

Ah, just had to set lynx to charset utf-8. That's how it is by default in termux, wonder why not on nixos?

kateyagi 🙂 37 days ago

I should figure out emojis in konsole. Probably just missing a font.

kateyagi đŸŽ± 38 days ago

Testing if I can post here with lynx. It logged in so probably. send status

kateyagi 🙂 87 days ago

Decided to clear a space in the living room for paper drawing and notes. Really wanna get better at paper.

kateyagi ☀ 88 days ago

Sleep cycle fixed by removing artificial light from my bedroom. Sun's up, so am I.

kateyagi ✏ 88 days ago

Getting better at bash. Made a fetch that calls two others: bartender (row in a file, modulo'd) and rattlesnake (flip a coin until heads).

kateyagi 🙂 112 days ago

Sway is so much snappier, kinda surprised I stuck with KDE for so long after previously using sway. More work, but wow this is ergonomic.

kateyagi đŸŽ· 113 days ago

Slept until precisely 3 minutes before my alarm.

kateyagi 😭 113 days ago

Disabled tons of probably important stuff in arkenfox to fix the connection issue, but at least telemetry and marketing stuff is turned off.

kateyagi đŸ”„ 113 days ago

Now to once again figure out my connection issues with firefox on NixOS. I should just make a blog post about it at this point.

kateyagi 🙂 113 days ago

Forgot how much of a process twas to set up audio when just using a window manager. Actually gonna back up this config for later reference.

kateyagi đŸ± 113 days ago

NixOS + sway installed

kateyagi đŸ’Ÿ 114 days ago

I really hope the gnome version of the installer works, I really don't wanna have to go back to arch or ubuntu

kateyagi 💀 114 days ago

Used the bookmarklet to post that without any other tabs. looks like I gotta download again. 💀💀💀

kateyagi 💀 114 days ago

Downloaded the minimal iso for nixos, forgetting I could do a minimal install with the graphical ones. idk maybe sway will be an option?

kateyagi đŸ”„ 114 days ago

I just saw a site that rotates the page when in profile view. Galaxy brain-

kateyagi 🙂 114 days ago

Once I ge! Sway set up, I have an idea for a kaomoji picker implaementation. (ïżąâ€żïżą )

kateyagi 🙂 115 days ago

Camomile helped sleep at a good time. Gonna install sway window manager now that I have spring break.

kateyagi 💀 115 days ago

Headache, probably a water thing.

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