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kandiedkanes 😭 133 days ago

i cant get the stupid fucking i can fantasize about whatever i want rap out of my HEAD its so funny

kandiedkanes 🔥 134 days ago

one bad gloop and she do what i yoinky

kandiedkanes 🙂 135 days ago

I DID ITT I CODED A PAGE starts twerking

kandiedkanes 🙂 137 days ago

(in school cant change imood) kind of panicking

kandiedkanes 🙂 139 days ago

why are our hormones doing that? are they acoustic?

kandiedkanes 🙂 140 days ago

these guus are better than ffeesmaryawers

kandiedkanes 🎶 142 days ago

so many people i want to help but idk how to go about it

kandiedkanes 🥺 142 days ago

the tism is really tisming today