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juxtajuno 🤖 68 days ago

3ds homebrew complete

juxtajuno 🐶 74 days ago

ceo of if youre mean enough to me ill stop making you mad

juxtajuno 💡 75 days ago

eating raw cookie dough for breakfast

juxtajuno 🐶 78 days ago

got that dawg in me

juxtajuno 💾 78 days ago

adding some small features today :)

juxtajuno 🌧️ 80 days ago

i should not feel this sad bro

juxtajuno ✨ 80 days ago

i love kava bar i am drinking some hot ass green tea rn

juxtajuno 🐱 85 days ago

meooow meoooooow meow

juxtajuno 🙃 86 days ago

this will either cure my low self-esteem or make it astronomically worse

juxtajuno ✨ 89 days ago

fucking bitches up in pokemon go rn

juxtajuno 🌧️ 91 days ago

god i am. so sad

juxtajuno ❤️ 92 days ago

excited bc i get to see gf tomorrow :)))

juxtajuno 💡 92 days ago

hi guys i uploaded new art on jestajuno (insta)

juxtajuno 👀 93 days ago

i want her to nut in me i mean what

juxtajuno 💻 93 days ago

i do the fancy computer stuff (baseline html/css that a toddler could figure out)

juxtajuno 💔 94 days ago

just chugged the last of my root beer oh no....

juxtajuno ❤️ 94 days ago

also i wuv my gf

juxtajuno 🌈 94 days ago

site overhaul inbound babey!!