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justanotherfad ✨ 209 days ago

Starting a new job tomorrow after 4 months off.

justanotherfad πŸ›Ό 261 days ago

Family coming for a meal tomorrow so the usual Sunday house cleaning has to be do this afternoon.

justanotherfad 😎 263 days ago

Do I have to get a new job? Really?

justanotherfad πŸ“š 264 days ago

Got a job interview on Thursday

justanotherfad ✈️ 265 days ago

Made it through airport security without my trousers falling down. Always a bonus.

justanotherfad πŸ™‚ 266 days ago

Holed up in our airport suburb hotel eating crisps in our pants watching Swiss TV. 4:30am alarm Set. Living my best life.

justanotherfad ✈️ 266 days ago

Checked in at airport hotel. Alarm set for 4:30am πŸ˜• to get up for flight home.

justanotherfad 😎 267 days ago

Walked down a mountain and swam in a lake today.

justanotherfad βœ… 268 days ago

Modes of transport used today Walking βœ… Tram βœ… Funicular βœ… Boat βœ…

justanotherfad πŸ™‚ 268 days ago

Fabulous 1st day in ZΓΌrich. Swam in the River Limmat before dinner

justanotherfad β˜€οΈ 269 days ago

Sitting under a tree on the shores of Lake ZΓΌrich

justanotherfad ✈️ 270 days ago

Travelling to ZΓΌrich for a break. First time catching a plane in about 5 years. I so much prefer the train.

justanotherfad πŸ’€ 271 days ago

Nothing much I **have to do** today which just as well as I have zero motivation today.

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