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juriettoo ✨ 173 days ago

happy new year goobers

juriettoo 🌈 200 days ago

got a bunch of tama stuff from JYW, will be updating my tama pages a lil soon ^-^

juriettoo 🌱 221 days ago

sorry for not updating anything in a while! i started working and have only been playing ffxiv in my free time haha. everything's good tho!

juriettoo 🌈 300 days ago

back home! i'll be able to work on the site more hopefully ^-^

juriettoo 🌈 447 days ago

oh lol, i forgot April Fools' was my neocities anniversary, epic

juriettoo 🌈 454 days ago

schools over (forever!) im terrified of having to look for a job but for now, i can work on my site.

juriettoo 😶 480 days ago

sorry for not updating the site for a while, been busy with school and haven't been feeling on working on the site, i'll get 'er someday

juriettoo ❄️ 486 days ago

it snowed! i rlly love how snow brightens up the sky at night

juriettoo 🙂 508 days ago

feeling a lil' better about school!

juriettoo 😭 509 days ago

feels like i did a lot of work on my web coding project for school just to barely make any progress. very worried on if i can do this lol