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juette 🥱 106 days ago

kinda bored

juette ❤️ 169 days ago

promoing myself teehee <a href="https://ko-fi.com/juette" target="_blank">https://ko-fi.com/juette">https://ko-fi.com/juette</a>

juette ✨ 296 days ago

just bought two of the new monster high dolls

juette 🙃 301 days ago

when people say firefox is much faster than chrome i think theyre lying

juette 🎮 306 days ago

bayonetta is a fun game

juette 📖 308 days ago

last exam tomorrow

juette ❤️ 351 days ago

i love making websiutes

juette 😡 404 days ago

why do i have to wait an entire week for the next episode of chucky

juette 📺 405 days ago

watching some movies. making self-insert art. the dream life.

juette 💀 407 days ago

longggg long week. need a break already

juette 😶 411 days ago

i need to get away from everything

juette 🎁 417 days ago

online shopping <33

juette 😭 419 days ago

he only survived for 1 day as an adult

juette 🌱 420 days ago

my tamagotchi is an adult now..... kusatchi i love you

juette 🍞 421 days ago


juette 😭 421 days ago

tfw your marquee breaks

juette 💻 421 days ago

never gonna stop playing the sims

juette 💻 423 days ago

gonna play the sims see you in 20 hours

juette 💻 430 days ago

time to work on a website for a friend

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