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jsmith 🏂 16 days ago

Just realised what the joke is in the name of Snowdin Town.

jsmith 💻 51 days ago

I love the fake names for things people make up for examples in arguments. Also, metasyntactic variables!

jsmith 🍏 57 days ago

Another thing that is frankly awesome — epigraphs taken from fictional media the author made up for the work.

jsmith 🥹 65 days ago

:D /Floornight/ understands that in 'they're doing typical oppressive stuff, but they're eldritch' the 'eldritch' bit is the /positive/ one.

jsmith 👽 66 days ago

I /really, really/ disike what this one author does when he describes 'weird, slimy, alien' and means 'disgusting' instead of 'interesting!'

jsmith ☀️ 87 days ago

The best thing that ever happens in stories is when they show you a world where the inciting incident never happened.

jsmith 📰 101 days ago

They're bombing Rafah now. What gets described as 'last civilian safe zone' and 'last bastion of Hamas' are the exact same cities. God fuck.

jsmith 📱 146 days ago

Swipe-based text input methods like 8Vim are more resilient against wet or snowed-at screens than tap-based methods like most keyboards now.

jsmith 🌈 159 days ago

By using enough different words that contradict each other enough you can regain the freedom you lost when you started using words /at all./

jsmith 😱 168 days ago

I think I should try to get into horror again. Keep hearing people describe things as scary and thinking — no, just weird, unnerving and fun

jsmith 🌙 183 days ago

What's the difference between someone pretending to be you who /isn't/ you, and someone pretending to be you who /is/ you?

jsmith 🎁 183 days ago

Cohost has added asks now! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

jsmith 📺 189 days ago

Has a sort of grunge aesthetic, but the original novel is so much more cold and vivid. Love how it plays with cameras and viewpoints, though

jsmith 🤖 222 days ago

Is there such a thing as 'method writing'? Putting yourself in a mindset of a character so you can understand what their dialogue looks like

jsmith 🍫 229 days ago

Bacon isn't inherently hedonist, and necktie isn't inherently anti-hedonist. You /can/ have a necktie hedonism. (That's me!) And vice versa.

jsmith 🐱 242 days ago

It's the no-internet-dinosaur's birthday!

jsmith ✏️ 245 days ago

It's like collecting stationery, but collecting /affects/. Look at this — I can use it to create stuff! Not always interesting stuff, though

jsmith 📖 247 days ago

Part of a book you've read cover-to-cover, but from a book you've read only a few pages of; an extrapolation you had and can't touch anymore

jsmith 🔥 304 days ago

The idea of you will save your life too, but it will also kill you, because in order to become you, you need to stop being you

jsmith ❄️ 307 days ago

Do you ever get semantic satiation for your own name?

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