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Just passing through, don't mind me


jsmith 🐱 5 days ago

It's the no-internet-dinosaur's birthday!

jsmith ✏️ 8 days ago

It's like collecting stationery, but collecting /affects/. Look at this — I can use it to create stuff! Not always interesting stuff, though

jsmith 📖 10 days ago

Part of a book you've read cover-to-cover, but from a book you've read only a few pages of; an extrapolation you had and can't touch anymore

jsmith 🔥 67 days ago

The idea of you will save your life too, but it will also kill you, because in order to become you, you need to stop being you

jsmith ❄️ 70 days ago

Do you ever get semantic satiation for your own name?

jsmith 🎬 70 days ago

Playing the /part/ of someone who likes people instead of /actually/ liking people. Which wouldn't be a problem if I were any good at acting

jsmith 🏂 72 days ago

How /do/ you deal with accidentally having read parts of a book in the wrong order? Like you have to hold yourself back from skipping /more/

jsmith 🙂 86 days ago

I have what I call "you-remind-me-of-an-old-friend syndrome". I recognise too many faces, not, as usual, too few, and often entirely wrongly

jsmith 🤔 95 days ago

I see an eccentric, enthusiastic sciencey person and think "they're better at being me than I am." I /don't think/ that's how identity works

jsmith ✈️ 95 days ago

Okay, so you bring hope. What about when you leave? Do you take the hope with you?

jsmith ✨ 100 days ago

There's an article I'm reading that used shell expansion syntax to list the authors' emails. Amazing

jsmith 🎱 102 days ago

It's interesting how your once worst nightmare can become just A Thing, given enough time and enough recontextualisation of what a person is

jsmith 🧋 104 days ago

In love with the new-old web. It's full of People Making Stuff, for no reason but community and self-expression, which are brilliant reasons