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jshmlr 👽 234 days ago

Experimenting with Psycho Pharma products. Infinite Brain is INTENSE.

jshmlr 🙂 238 days ago

Welp, looks like I'm going to The International in October. 💀

jshmlr 🙂 241 days ago

To all starting undergrad or grad school. I know the grind can be daunting, but make the most of it.

jshmlr 🙂 244 days ago

I took an hour nap 👹

jshmlr 🙂 254 days ago

I forgot to update that I finished Tuesday's workout yesterday.

jshmlr ❤️ 255 days ago

Really rough Monday, did some major self care last night and I'm realigned for today.

jshmlr 😎 261 days ago

Tuesday workout complete.

jshmlr 😭 262 days ago

The music from Grizzly Hills is so sad...

jshmlr 🥱 265 days ago

Getting up early to go out to do yard work before it gets too hot.

jshmlr 🙂 265 days ago

Linux shines on the server, it twinkles on the desktop

jshmlr 🙂 266 days ago

Technical Red Mage...

jshmlr 🥺 266 days ago

I'm realizing I'm just too far away to be a reliable resource for someone and it's giving me anxiety.

jshmlr 🙂 268 days ago

Tuesday workout complete.

jshmlr 📺 269 days ago

Got tickets for Barbie :)

jshmlr 🙂 269 days ago

Notepad++ finally has markdown syntax highlighting.

jshmlr 🙂 269 days ago

Quickly merged both ideas into my personal site. More work to come, but it's live!

jshmlr 🙂 270 days ago

Current ear worm; Super Bombmerman 3, "Planet Select 2"

jshmlr 👀 270 days ago

Forever side-questing

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