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jrs-storytime ☕ 806 days ago

New day. Doing some stretches. Even did a 10 second plank. Lulu is running around need to check on her.

jrs-storytime 📺 807 days ago

I will probably take a break from Youtube. Birb says it makes me unhappy and that was true today. Not forever but bow only weekends.

jrs-storytime 😡 807 days ago

In a bad mood mood of the day. The Finch app really is helping with small calming exercises, helpful microjournaling. I love Birb. 🥺

jrs-storytime 🙂 807 days ago

Downloaded Finch. I am loving it currently, its helping me with stretching and microjournaling. I hope I stick with it.

jrs-storytime ✨ 807 days ago

A new day, still kind of dizzy but I think I'll shake it off as the day goes on.

jrs-storytime 🐱 808 days ago

Lulu was resting on my lap and it was great.

jrs-storytime 📺 808 days ago

Watching Heaven Officials Blessing. I really like the art, animation and dubbing. I might read the novel if I can find it.

jrs-storytime ✏️ 808 days ago

I tried my own microblog but this is easier. Feeling meh. Been playing Dungeon wizard lots as my brain can't do much else.