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Hi I'm dumb
Check out my site for more stuff about me


jovannmc ✨ 40 days ago

i finally got my full body tracking kit for my vr!! video on it soon or something

jovannmc 📱 65 days ago


jovannmc 💻 78 days ago

all i've been doing is programming and programming and

jovannmc ❤️ 92 days ago

i like this boy from school so much help he's furry and cute and

jovannmc ✏️ 122 days ago

i'm getting into digital art!!

jovannmc ✏️ 139 days ago

working on new personal site soon maybe

jovannmc 🐶 161 days ago

im a dogboy catgirl

jovannmc 📱 192 days ago

working on websites for people

jovannmc 💻 198 days ago

back to working on projects!!

jovannmc ✈️ 238 days ago

On vacation now so expect less activity

jovannmc 💻 256 days ago

working on a project !

jovannmc 💻 262 days ago

i need project ideas to work on that would be useful for people

jovannmc 🌈 293 days ago

having genderfluid moments

jovannmc 😎 306 days ago

finished my website's redesign !

jovannmc 🙃 316 days ago

redesigning my site and transferring it soon aaaaaa

jovannmc 😶 318 days ago

released another game build of game but now i should fully focus on a competition i only have a few weeks left to do

jovannmc 😎 335 days ago

released salad simulator 0.1a woah, it's bad but yes

jovannmc 💻 352 days ago

recreating a game i abandoned a while ago - salad simulator

jovannmc ✨ 369 days ago

hey look i got into @SaneFurryStrug

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