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Hi I'm dumb
Check out my site for more stuff about me


jovannmc 🐶 16 days ago

im a dogboy catgirl

jovannmc 📱 48 days ago

working on websites for people

jovannmc 💻 53 days ago

back to working on projects!!

jovannmc ✈️ 94 days ago

On vacation now so expect less activity

jovannmc 💻 111 days ago

working on a project !

jovannmc 💻 117 days ago

i need project ideas to work on that would be useful for people

jovannmc 🌈 148 days ago

having genderfluid moments

jovannmc 😎 161 days ago

finished my website's redesign !

jovannmc 🙃 172 days ago

redesigning my site and transferring it soon aaaaaa

jovannmc 😶 173 days ago

released another game build of game but now i should fully focus on a competition i only have a few weeks left to do

jovannmc 😎 190 days ago

released salad simulator 0.1a woah, it's bad but yes

jovannmc 💻 207 days ago

recreating a game i abandoned a while ago - salad simulator

jovannmc ✨ 224 days ago

hey look i got into @SaneFurryStrug

jovannmc 🤔 236 days ago

i might be the reason my school will stop using 10 year old software to teach CS, crazy

jovannmc 📚 244 days ago

i have exams to do this entire week and i'm going to fail help

jovannmc 📚 250 days ago

i've been developing a spigot plugin for the past 10 hours straight, with little breaks. i should probably take a break.

jovannmc 🎲 256 days ago

i completely forgot what i was supposed to do for the weekend and now im sitting in bed wondering what now

jovannmc 😴 262 days ago

i feel like sleeping in vrchat again

jovannmc 💤 264 days ago

way too sleepy, i need more time to sleep

jovannmc 💤 267 days ago

i woke up to every single body part hurting and had to deal with it for 8 hours because of school im so glad i can finally take a nap

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