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jonk_sauce 🙂 19 days ago

hello statusgang today i was cursed by a technological witch. I hope i am swiftly cured because every device i touch bluescreens

jonk_sauce 🤩 71 days ago

bacon negg and cheese in my imminent future

jonk_sauce 😇 74 days ago

i am perfect angelic roommate

jonk_sauce 😎 128 days ago

its my birthday today yeayahhahhahhayeah

jonk_sauce 😎 143 days ago

chillin like a villain

jonk_sauce 🥳 150 days ago

halloween function on sunday can i get a what what

jonk_sauce 😭 150 days ago

toki tawa mi, jan sewi

jonk_sauce 🛹 151 days ago

ate shit again but the guy in the bathroom said i must be getting better every time i fall

jonk_sauce 😎 156 days ago

i saw a blimp yesterday. or maybe it was the day before

jonk_sauce 🧐 159 days ago

used all my braincells last week on my essays, didn't have enough for this weekend

jonk_sauce 😎 163 days ago

nothing like eating shit on a skateboard to make you feel alive (ow)

jonk_sauce 🔥 166 days ago

i am the grindset incarnate

jonk_sauce 💔 171 days ago

just switched to firefox bye bye google chrome (my first love <3)

jonk_sauce 🤒 172 days ago

i am sick. no fear we are powerful

jonk_sauce 🤔 180 days ago

one more mango loco will fix me

jonk_sauce 🥱 194 days ago

working on my website in english class

jonk_sauce 🥳 206 days ago

i finally got my lights all put up and only broke 3 bulbs doing it

jonk_sauce 🤐 212 days ago

hate this "action required" email biz stfu talkin to me

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