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Hi hi! I'm Jojjo! Feel free to visit my website! It's still a work in progress though!


jojjo 💤 388 days ago

Sleepy! Went to the market yesterday and got some churros! Today I'm gonna spend the day with my best friend! :)

jojjo 😭 441 days ago

Watched Chrono Circle gameplay vids for hours and I want to try it so badly!!!

jojjo 🌧️ 448 days ago

Draining day but it's been good! I've fiddled some more with the website and now I'm gonna go make some sandwiches!

jojjo 💤 465 days ago

Eating toast and watching furby surgery videos

jojjo 👀 480 days ago

Played ToonTown Corporate Clash a little bit, it's rly fun so far!

jojjo ❄️ 491 days ago

Added a little box to my site for updates, I think it turned out nice! :)

jojjo 🌈 491 days ago

My account got activated yaay! :D