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hello! i'm jimbo. i make various things using computers and share the least uninteresting things i make online.


jmibo 🙂 11 days ago

fun fact: 198 is the lowest natural number to not have a wikipedia page

jmibo 🙂 37 days ago

happy unix time 1666666666! (a few seconds ago)

jmibo 🥳 37 days ago

happy unix time 1666666666! (soon)

jmibo 😶 53 days ago

i should work on the website

jmibo 🙂 80 days ago

all of the things on my site are now in the public domain

jmibo ✨ 84 days ago

10000 website views. wooo

jmibo 🙂 86 days ago

new game?

jmibo 🙂 94 days ago

i should really work on something

jmibo 🙂 98 days ago


jmibo 😶 98 days ago

test post

jmibo 🙃 98 days ago

i need to work on this more

jmibo 😎 101 days ago

hugo migration finished & pushed! let's hope nothing breaks and makes me lose everything on the site or whatever!!!

jmibo 🙂 102 days ago

might migrate my website to hugo but then i have to learn things :(

jmibo 💻 109 days ago

restructuring my website, poorly

jmibo 😎 119 days ago

making an esolang for myself

jmibo 😶 120 days ago

i really want to make something but i cannot think of any projects for whatever reason

jmibo 🙂 124 days ago

# <- PSA: this thing is called an octothorpe

jmibo 😎 124 days ago

i did a ///

jmibo ✏️ 126 days ago

made a very small webserver so i don't have to keep pushing everything to neocities constantly

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