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Hi! I'm Joe! I talk about pretty much anything from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s (and stuff now!), mainly computers, video games, TV, Dungeons & Dragons and general IT/geeky stuff!


jjharley 🧐 18 days ago

I wish we could just run society like a Western movie.

jjharley 🎬 57 days ago

He who dislikes Westerns is tired of life.

jjharley πŸ™‚ 76 days ago

Can we please normalise not wanting to normalise every useless opinion?

jjharley 🎬 99 days ago

Top three films of 2023: 1.) Oppenheimer 2.) The Meg 2 3.) Dial of Destiny FIGHT ME. I'M RIGHT.

jjharley πŸ“Ί 177 days ago

I miss old Top Gear (2002-2015)

jjharley 😑 182 days ago

Can we please normalise understanding that glamorisation of primitive living is equally as fucked up and misguided as glamorising the grind

jjharley ✨ 234 days ago

New website overhaul!

jjharley πŸ™‚ 250 days ago

We need to up EMP protection on the power grid and safety-critical systems *everywhere*, we are seriously not prepared enough for a CME...

jjharley 🎢 307 days ago

Went to see Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band last night. Fulfilled a lifelong dream and the high price was almost certainly worth it.

jjharley πŸ™‚ 313 days ago

Considering how much I'd get mocked if I created a real costume for my self based on my OC Silver Age-style superhero.

jjharley 🎢 318 days ago

Sit rep: I can’t give up Rockabilly, I like it too much. IDGAF if you think it’s old fashioned, it’s my music - I wrote it! πŸ˜‚

jjharley πŸ™‚ 318 days ago

I’m quitting rock music - I’m only doing English Traditional and neo-trad. music from now on!

jjharley πŸ’Ύ 346 days ago

Just put the first version of my (awful) BBS program up on my website!

jjharley 🎢 355 days ago

Common chord progressions are chord progressions - they cannot be 'stolen', lyrics can, arrangement maybe, chords? Nah. (Not a fan of Ed)

jjharley πŸ˜‚ 390 days ago

Just bought a cheap '90s computer chess set as a late night Ebay purchase. This should be fun...

jjharley 😭 448 days ago

You know when you feel sad and you have no idea why - yeah that’s me today

jjharley 😎 451 days ago

Just redesigned my website - feel happy for the first time in a long while

jjharley πŸ“° 459 days ago

Happy birthday, James May! Here’s to many more years of fantastic television!

jjharley ✏️ 460 days ago

Currently writing a new Sherlock Holmes short story.

jjharley 🧐 521 days ago

Thinking about making an E-zine…

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