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it's a jeansworld after all


jeansgurl98 ✨ 21 days ago

newest page: cutting room floor (my art project graveyard)

jeansgurl98 ✨ 49 days ago

NEW PAGE: e-oracle!!! what do your digital spiritual guides need to tell you?

jeansgurl98 ✨ 54 days ago

20+ new thriftpix! new-ish guestbook! still working on new pages... lol

jeansgurl98 ✨ 92 days ago

working on new pages. swag

jeansgurl98 ✨ 120 days ago

a few new pages: thriftpix, resources, & a 2nd mix cd page. even more incoming soon

jeansgurl98 ✨ 121 days ago

2 new pages: "thriftpix" & a second mix cd page :^)

jeansgurl98 ✨ 122 days ago

new page, w lots of cool pix! "thriftpix"... yea baby

jeansgurl98 ✨ 122 days ago

added a few old (shitty) animations to my art page + put more links on my info page. swag

jeansgurl98 ✨ 132 days ago

lots of small additions, joined new pixel clubs, joined a webring, misc fixes. new pages coming very soon

jeansgurl98 ✨ 133 days ago

you know what? graphic design *is* my passion

jeansgurl98 📱 133 days ago

pretending to know what i'm doing