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I'm trial-and-error-ing my way through coding a site :p


jaysplace 💀 9 days ago

I'm spending less time on the site NOW than during finals, I'm rewatching Merlin and considering making a shrine tho, so ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

jaysplace 🥳 10 days ago


jaysplace 💀 14 days ago

I call myself an extroverted introvert (likes talking in small groups but avoids groups in general) but people are SO LOUD

jaysplace 🥳 15 days ago

almost done with finals

jaysplace 🥹 18 days ago

Apparently getting more than 4 hours of sleep actually HELPS get rid of headaches??

jaysplace 💀 19 days ago

I have three projects to do and I'm working on a fanfic

jaysplace 😯 23 days ago

I lost a 456 day Duolingo streak and I've never been so disappointed in myself (⁠ᗒ⁠ᗩ⁠ᗕ⁠)

jaysplace 😛 23 days ago

drowning in finals projects but nope, time to have a gender identity crisis

jaysplace 💀 24 days ago

these finals projects are killing me but I have so many ideas for this site idk what to do with myself

jaysplace ✨ 25 days ago

rearranging EVERYTHING with that buttons page and adjusting how I set up the flash warnings :p

jaysplace 😭 28 days ago

still have 6 missing assignments. I spent my entire day doing something I enjoy and I've never been more stressed in my LIFE

jaysplace 💔 28 days ago

ofc the microblog widget's being weird now

jaysplace 😭 28 days ago

dude idk how I'm going to get all this done ;-; I have like,, 6 missing assignments rn, I haven't had more than 2 missing in my LIFE before

jaysplace 💻 29 days ago

I know I should be doing my missing assignments but THIS SITE IS CONSUMING ALL MY MENTAL BANDWIDTH-

jaysplace 🙃 30 days ago

procrastination is neat

jaysplace 🔥 32 days ago

downloading honkai star rail even though I haven't logged into genshin in weeks

jaysplace 😭 35 days ago

school is killing me rn and character ai isn't helping

jaysplace 🥳 37 days ago

I made a status update thingy

jaysplace 🥹 37 days ago

school really trying to kill me rn