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jaycloudley ✨ 419 days ago

i'm gonna update my site with many things in the coming weeks, stay tuned B) for now i'm having art block (for webmasters)

jaycloudley ✨ 444 days ago

i have rediscovered my morbid fascination with cyriak's videos, don't think my dreams will be normal for a while

jaycloudley ✨ 446 days ago

i literally made an entire page dedicated to baby einstein out of all things for my website,,, what has my life come to

jaycloudley 💾 535 days ago

my entire brain is inverting help

jaycloudley 💾 535 days ago

i have made my site nicer!! i think,,, WOOWOWO i still need to update the journal but oh my gosh my html editor froze

jaycloudley 💾 535 days ago

i might try to pretty up my neocities site in a bit, i'm looking at other sites and it's looking a it uuh,, lame

jaycloudley 💾 535 days ago

WOOO i got a status.cafe account LESS GOOOOOO