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Hi! I'm Darwin, or Iz, whichever you prefer. She/they pronouns. I'm an exhausted grad student, hobbyist game developer, and huge Aveyond fan.


iztopher ✨ 70 days ago

semester OVER i am FREE

iztopher ✅ 83 days ago

1 class down, 2 to go!!!

iztopher 📚 86 days ago

between the library and the bookstore i got volumes 8-13 of dungeon meshi today LET'S GOOOO

iztopher 🎤 112 days ago

against all odds I've finally gotten into podcasts. thank you Moonshot Network for being so good I like podcasts now

iztopher 💻 135 days ago

been working on getting a nice game dev website so i havent been working on my personal site at all. oops

iztopher ✨ 137 days ago

happy leap day!

iztopher 🎮 138 days ago

kind of been neglecting my personal site because im getting my game dev one set up!

iztopher 💻 139 days ago

pardon the dust! trying to update my blog to utilize tags

iztopher 💤 141 days ago

been really tired & honestly kinda struggling lately but im trying some new strategies out and feeling optimistic!

iztopher ✨ 147 days ago

happy aromantic spectrum awareness week!

iztopher 📺 154 days ago

danny & i watched spiral today which means i can officially show him saw x on valentine's day im so excited

iztopher 💻 155 days ago

just mounted my site on my laptop... surely this will have no negative repercussions for my time management

iztopher ☕️ 158 days ago

there's so many personal essays/blog posts i want to write... i love to talk about my thoughts and feelings

iztopher 💻 163 days ago

been working a bunch on one of my shrines lately!! i'm almost ready to actually upload it to the site

iztopher 🎮 172 days ago

Danny & I just finished Episode 3 of Umineko. hey, what the fuck?

iztopher 📚 172 days ago

rotating Firebreak in my mind & waiting to play more Umineko