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isapocky 💤 105 days ago

i've been sooo sleepy lately enjoying this summer a lot hehe

isapocky ❤️ 455 days ago

self indulgent visual novels my beloved

isapocky 😭 472 days ago

my wobble is alive...thank god

isapocky 🤔 497 days ago

nothing to dooo

isapocky 😴 507 days ago

exams are halfway over i can't believe i'm alive

isapocky 😭 512 days ago

pole heels are not cheap, my goodness

isapocky 🍕 513 days ago

the bad guys was p good

isapocky 😱 517 days ago

my wobble grew up!!

isapocky 😭 518 days ago

crying over this coursework rn

isapocky 👀 519 days ago

wow new status thingy for my website