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ironvaliant 🌙 16 hours ago

i should get to sleep. but im startin work on iv 2.0 :]

ironvaliant ✨ 18 hours ago

day 1 a relative success ! feel a lil bad that chores didnt get done tho :(

ironvaliant 🌙 2 days ago

i've had the site for less than two months and i already wanna redo my layout bc i feel like i've learned a lot coding it.

ironvaliant 💀 6 days ago

decided to move my longer blog posts to host on iv as well and :|

ironvaliant ✨ 7 days ago

impulsively bought most of the trollhunter books. 2020 me would b proud

ironvaliant ✨ 7 days ago

i wanna use starconsequence as a fanfic mirror somewhat...

ironvaliant ✨ 7 days ago

thinking of shuffling my blog around to another nc site... or just adding it to

ironvaliant ✨ 7 days ago

my last shift at the current job is this saturday. bittersweet feeling.

ironvaliant 🙂 8 days ago

other than that - i'm sitting down 2 read w3schools's html guides fully for once instead of just. going in blind to a blank html doc

ironvaliant ✨ 8 days ago

rotating fictional characters in my head non stop. esp trollhunters.

ironvaliant ✨ 8 days ago

i have accepted job offer. i have handed in my resignation letter. my new job starts next tues.

ironvaliant 🙃 10 days ago

still thinking about how trollhunters way of the wizard's like 300 CAD on most sites rn. :(

ironvaliant ✨ 10 days ago

i should charge my switch so i can play splat.

ironvaliant ✨ 10 days ago

the adhd put-pen-down-it-evaporates phenomenon but w my tv remote

ironvaliant 🥺 12 days ago

my job offer was changed to be better - however now i have to likely write a letter of resignation from current job. i've never done that b4

ironvaliant ✨ 12 days ago

i have a job offer! i just have to call to accept it tommorow & call my current job & hope my manager is in so i can talk to her about sched

ironvaliant ✨ 14 days ago

i should make a layout with kamichama karin in mind. oh how i love that series. maybe i should even make it a shrine...

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