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ingwine 🔥 22 days ago

maximum articlewritingmode

ingwine 💻 24 days ago

late night article writing 😎 fall back means 1 more hour of writing & sleep

ingwine 🙂 29 days ago

happy hallowe’en!

ingwine 😶 90 days ago

oh it does cut off þe text þo

ingwine 🔍 90 days ago

just realized i can reädjust þe widþ of þe content/sidebar by dragging around þese textboxes on þe side

ingwine 🌱 92 days ago

still working on my elf ramble xD

ingwine 🌱 98 days ago

writing about landwights now

ingwine 😭 98 days ago

rip my wobble

ingwine 😎 104 days ago

im so stoked for my stream this week aaah

ingwine 💻 109 days ago

þanks to all þe lovely folks @ neocities!

ingwine 💻 110 days ago

any1 know somewhere w real neocities status updates? status.neocitiesops has been saying everything's "fine" & their last tweet's from june

ingwine 🙏 111 days ago

wishing the best of luck to folks at neocities working on these issues

ingwine 💻 111 days ago

still having issues w neocities. changes are still taking *way* too long to actually display (not a cache issue)

ingwine 💻 112 days ago

ı came to whıne about neocıtıeſ beıng down only to see many oþer folcs notıng þat neocıtıeſ ıſ down· at leaſt ıtſ not only me XD

ingwine 💻 115 days ago

now ı wıll worc on ſome wıdgetty þıngſ

ingwine 🏆 115 days ago

at laſt ı have a workıng darc mode on my webſtead aſ well aſ ſome aı·made drawıngſ :D

ingwine 🙂 118 days ago

dıd ſome wendıng of my maın webbed leaveſ

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