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ingwine ☕️ 96 days ago

i regret to inform that the vibes in this coffee shop are maculate -_-

ingwine ✏️ 103 days ago

my brain says sleep but my heart wants to stay up & conlang

ingwine 🌈 110 days ago

happy pride month everyone!

ingwine 🌈 110 days ago

did a bunch of improvements on my webbed site, now featuring a pride icon :3

ingwine 🔎ᚱ 212 days ago

takin a closer look @ some runic artifacts

ingwine 📜 222 days ago

time to bust out the manuscripts again

ingwine 📜 229 days ago

scouring a bunch of medieval manuscripts to look at a specific word’s gender agreement

ingwine 🥰 249 days ago

making a little guy

ingwine 📱 251 days ago

excited to try out my new phone stand & light tomorrow!!

ingwine 🌎 253 days ago

i have lemony ice water! peace & love on planet earth

ingwine 🙂 253 days ago

l lı ll l—

ingwine ☕️ 253 days ago

hello world

ingwine 🤒 258 days ago

been sicc for weeks now, ready to start feeling better so i can *do stuff*

ingwine ✏️ 293 days ago


ingwine 🤔 293 days ago


ingwine 🔥 318 days ago

maximum articlewritingmode

ingwine 💻 320 days ago

late night article writing 😎 fall back means 1 more hour of writing & sleep

ingwine 🙂 325 days ago

happy hallowe’en!

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