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Just an imp on the web.


imp 💻 3 days ago

no more discord link image hosting. i'm sure there are plenty of miscellaneous sites and bios of mine that are broken now because of it lol

imp 🌧️ 9 days ago

feeling horrible and trying to ignore the urges to do Very stupid things

imp 😎 14 days ago

revamped site is finally live and functional (i hope) hell yea

imp ✨ 22 days ago

was feeling a little uneasy/paranoid but my friends make everything better we're all so funny

imp 🎶 33 days ago

i love infected mushroom so much i'm gonna scream and cry and throw up

imp 🤒 36 days ago

oh my godddd i hate acid reflux

imp ✨ 36 days ago

i took a nap

imp 😴 37 days ago

i need a nap man

imp ❤️ 37 days ago

i love my boyfriend so much!!!!!

imp 🎮 38 days ago

the bedwars grind does not play

imp 🙃 39 days ago

i've been in a loop of sleeping and coding & i feel bad bc i've barely gotten to talk to anyone because of it

imp 💻 40 days ago

i feel like a genius every time i discover something new in css

imp 🥱 41 days ago

might actually go to bed (relatively) early tonight

imp 💻 42 days ago

coming up with ideas for sorting my graphics page

imp 😴 42 days ago

I did not mean to sleep all day but it's 6pm lol good morning