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my personal void for me to shout into
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illyria 🎲 11 hours ago

nothing heals the soul like fresh warm paper directly out of the printer

illyria 🎲 1 day ago

the internet is permanent but also it is completely ephemeral. this sucks

illyria 🎲 23 days ago

i wish i took my rose-colored drunk-goggles off a long time ago. but they're off now!!!!

illyria πŸ™‚ 27 days ago

it feels lovely to finally find those you can trust and be vulnerable with and know it will be returned in kind

illyria 🎲 33 days ago

hangnails.... my nemesis....

illyria 🎲 35 days ago

Been breaking routine recently. Showering in the morning instead of the evening. It's adding another step to my morning but its refreshing

illyria 🎲 39 days ago

awake at 5:11 am

illyria 🎲 45 days ago

assembling ikea furniture my beloved <3

illyria 🎲 48 days ago

just found out i missed the suikoden 2 supergroupies merch by 5 months..... i am so devastated LOL

illyria 🎲 49 days ago

cant believe i hated veggies as a kid. nothing beats a good spicy cabbage stir fry

illyria 🎲 53 days ago

first potential sleepless night of the year..? get me out of here

illyria 🎲 61 days ago

the sun has come up and it has set and i've spent the whole day banging my head against bootstrap wtf

illyria 🎲 62 days ago


illyria 🎲 68 days ago

β€œGerman is the closest language to English other than British” -my brother

illyria 🎲 70 days ago

i have redeemed it... and i have made one post and that will be all. i think i don't need twitter and such anymore

illyria 🎲 70 days ago

i got a bluesky access code after a year of waiting for it. idk if it's worth redeeming now lol

illyria 🎲 72 days ago

i had errands to run but i'm deep cleaning my room. prepping for the new year i think...!

illyria 🎲 76 days ago

the first few days after finals are so alien sometimes. it's weird to not have structure or a concrete goal to work to

illyria 🎲 78 days ago

it's officially midnight and officially 10 hours until my finals gauntlet. augh

illyria 🎲 84 days ago

housemate took one look at me after my exam and said "you did good solider." and damn if i haven't fought a bloody battle

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