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i am the boyfailure prince of nothing and inheritor of dust. this is my personal void for me to shout into!
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illyria 🎲 38 days ago

went to the thrift to donate. walked in. walked out with new platform shoes with a bat wing + heart detail. about to be the cutest lil guy

illyria 🎲 38 days ago

general rule when i go home is if i don't think about about a piece of clothing while i'm gone, i donate it, but my closet's lookin slim now

illyria 🎲 42 days ago

my last final... before 3pm today i will be free...!

illyria 🎲 43 days ago

Buckshot Roulette - General Release 1 Hour Extended.... save me........

illyria 🎲 44 days ago

sometimes the scariest part of moving on is realizing you haven't thought about someone/something in months. i wonder who i was back then

illyria 🎲 44 days ago

heartbreaking: guy who just trimmed their nails attempted to open something that requires nails

illyria 🎲 51 days ago

caught out in a downpour. felt and sounded great, but my umbrella didn't cover my legs and they're soaked hehe

illyria 🎲 71 days ago

giving up on moving the necklace clasp to the back the clasp is now part of the look

illyria 🎲 76 days ago

i really do spend friday waiting around all day for 1am

illyria 🎲 86 days ago

boss told me to save my money and made me a cup of coffee instead of me walking to the coffee shop heehee

illyria 🎲 91 days ago

need to invent real life gundams so i can drive one instead of a car

illyria 🎲 92 days ago

beautiful women named "battery low" are communicating with me telepathically

illyria 🎲 93 days ago

do i miss what was or what could have been more? not sure. my heart aches for my past self

illyria 🎲 94 days ago

bought a new cable for my phone and i didn't check the kind of charger it was. it was the wrong kind. oops

illyria 🎲 102 days ago

i eat foods that make me break out and then i break out and act like i didn't know this would happen LOL

illyria 🎲 105 days ago

I bought a shirt with the intent to bleach it & stencil a design, but the material is actually so nice... i dont wanna risk it...

illyria 🎲 113 days ago

nothing heals the soul like fresh warm paper directly out of the printer

illyria 🎲 136 days ago

i wish i took my rose-colored drunk-goggles off a long time ago. but they're off now!!!!

illyria 🎲 146 days ago

hangnails.... my nemesis....

illyria 🎲 152 days ago

awake at 5:11 am

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