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Hey! Mainly using this site as a microblog for my site lol. Go to my site if you want to actually know more about me.


ikaroll 💔 1 day ago

Fall break is so close, yet so far....

ikaroll 💻 16 days ago

I'm back home, and I can work on my site again!

ikaroll ✈️ 19 days ago

not dead! just on vacation :)

ikaroll ✈️ 29 days ago

going to california next week. never been to that site of the us lol

ikaroll 🎶 32 days ago

at a concert! can't wait!

ikaroll 🎮 39 days ago

Been playing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk! It's very fun!

ikaroll 🎮 41 days ago

Just modded my vwii and installed riiconnect and wiilink!

ikaroll 🎮 46 days ago

Splatfest time!

ikaroll 🎮 47 days ago

I love rverse!

ikaroll 🙂 47 days ago

Finally got a choker to wear!

ikaroll 🙂 49 days ago

School starts today. Blegh

ikaroll 🎮 50 days ago

Hoping to get my Wii U set back up this week!

ikaroll 🥹 52 days ago

Barf, school starts in 3 days

ikaroll 💤 52 days ago

Maybe neocities being down is a sign from the universe to actually sleep tonight

ikaroll 🙂 52 days ago

Man, neocities went down while I was working on my site :pensive:

ikaroll 🙂 52 days ago

Working on my site shrines! It's actually a lot of fun!

ikaroll 🙂 52 days ago

So happy Splatoon 1 is back up! It's really fun!

ikaroll 🎮 53 days ago