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hi! i'm gene, and i like to make made up characters go through situations. big fan of drawing and stories :] hope you enjoy your stay! original characters are my current brainworms.


icecreampizzer 💻 14 hours ago

slowly working on oc profiles! Theia and Aidan are the last ones to be updated...Soon I'll have to overhaul image linking re:discord news

icecreampizzer 👀 6 days ago

still on that university grind. Hopefully I can work on my site soon auuu. The itch to smooth out the LOATM layout is real

icecreampizzer 🔥 17 days ago

this might be honest to god the roughest first week of college ive ever gone through. But, despite everything...I STAY SILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icecreampizzer 😭 18 days ago

*that one spongebob character voice* MY LEGS

icecreampizzer 🥹 31 days ago

finished good omens 2.........what the heaven <- currently in shambles

icecreampizzer 🤩 51 days ago


icecreampizzer 💾 83 days ago

hey . im back . done with school stuff now im doing AF and redoing my wretched code for the 5TH TIMEE

icecreampizzer 💻 207 days ago

i forgor i had these stuff I FINISHED BOTH PORTAL GAMES i love them. i love glados

icecreampizzer 🔥 254 days ago

finally finished ace attorney investigations gawdamn

icecreampizzer 💡 264 days ago

mmm what if i add knives out and glass onion interest pages/shrines on my site. Anyways both of them r so good..i lobe women

icecreampizzer 🥹 272 days ago

happy new year! Already suffering from school stuff...yayyyy

icecreampizzer 🎁 280 days ago

merry chrismis! hope everyone's having a good week with or without a holiday to celebrate :]

icecreampizzer 🎶 283 days ago

javascript...i couldnt understand it but at least i got it to work how i want to i Guess

icecreampizzer ✏️ 284 days ago

got motivated to write for my story...i wish i got motivation to go back to working on comms too shhdkdhsjs

icecreampizzer ✏️ 284 days ago

TIL you can customize your profile code...epic win

icecreampizzer 🤩 285 days ago

DONE with classes for the year hell yeas

icecreampizzer 🌈 287 days ago

first status! thinking about...silly silly characters giving each other a little kiss