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everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.

elly (she/her)

i'm passionate about: genshin impact, traveling, reading, skincare&beauty


hyuck 🐱 11 days ago

got the tickets !!!!

hyuck 😭 22 days ago

so sad ): i wasn't able to secure stray kids ticket

hyuck 🙃 33 days ago

considering to actually buy bg3 just for the pretty modded presets

hyuck 🌧️ 34 days ago

headache is killing me

hyuck 📺 36 days ago

finally start the second season of our flag means death !!

hyuck ❤️ 37 days ago

i've finally put together a cute layout

hyuck 🍿 38 days ago

i'm confused by the boy and the heron