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hypajive 🙃 22 days ago

Officially giving up on Twitter. Fuck Elon Musk and his search/quote troll bonanza.

hypajive 🙃 27 days ago

Trying to get a billion and one things done when all I want to do is play Dreamlight Valley.

hypajive 🥱 65 days ago

too much to do, not enough time

hypajive 🎶 79 days ago

i give you love, shoot it right into your face!

hypajive ❄️ 82 days ago

trying to stick it to Putin by not turning my heat on, but damn, it's painful for me to be cold.

hypajive 🙃 84 days ago

I wish more people were willing to look backwards with the demise of Twitter rather than try and find the future.

hypajive 🥳 88 days ago

officially diagnosed weirdo. at 35.5 years old.

hypajive 🥺 109 days ago

why does it always take me so freakin' long to get things up and running only for me to give up on them once they're up?!

hypajive 🙃 116 days ago

feeling like an American gen Xer so hard right now.

hypajive 🎶 119 days ago

Paramore's new song is so confusing to me. It's not musically my taste, but the sentiment is so powerful that I'm 110% on board.

hypajive 🐶 126 days ago

my dogs are home from a 3-day holiday to the kennel and I couldn't be happier!

hypajive 🙃 129 days ago

just wasted €400 on a failed holiday, but at least my mental health is still intact!

hypajive 🎶 135 days ago

Electric Callboy's TEKKNO is album of the year.

hypajive 😶 137 days ago

social media is still a mess, but now people are searching for things to be annoyed about.

hypajive 🙃 144 days ago

social media is a real mess today

hypajive 🎶 149 days ago

angry feminine vocals over heavy music is one of my favourite sounds in the world.

hypajive 🤔 155 days ago

why does everything take me so much longer to do when I care about it?

hypajive 😭 158 days ago

officially have to retire Devin Townsend as my answer to "favourite band/musician?".

hypajive 😴 160 days ago

fatigue got me real bad today.

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