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hypajive 🐶 5 hours ago

my dogs are home from a 3-day holiday to the kennel and I couldn't be happier!

hypajive 🙃 3 days ago

just wasted €400 on a failed holiday, but at least my mental health is still intact!

hypajive 🎶 9 days ago

Electric Callboy's TEKKNO is album of the year.

hypajive 😶 11 days ago

social media is still a mess, but now people are searching for things to be annoyed about.

hypajive 🙃 18 days ago

social media is a real mess today

hypajive 🎶 24 days ago

angry feminine vocals over heavy music is one of my favourite sounds in the world.

hypajive 🤔 29 days ago

why does everything take me so much longer to do when I care about it?

hypajive 😭 32 days ago

officially have to retire Devin Townsend as my answer to "favourite band/musician?".

hypajive 😴 35 days ago

fatigue got me real bad today.

hypajive 💻 36 days ago

making 80x15 banners is fun!

hypajive 🥺 38 days ago

love a good bad mental health day

hypajive 🐶 39 days ago

preparing myself for a weekend of my dog's separation from dad anxiety

hypajive 🥺 40 days ago

this whole personal website thing is supposed to be a relaxing hobby, right?

hypajive ❄️ 41 days ago

dreaming of winter