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A skeksis thing trying to solve the mystery of being alive. And a bloodthirsty b e a n.


hunter 😶 353 days ago

I am so tired today. Work was heavy, I am diving deep in the soft pillows and my pile of nightmares.

hunter 😱 362 days ago

I shouldn't have eat almonds, I should have eat beans and tomatoes and cucumbers. Welp.

hunter 💀 364 days ago

My week is halloweenish. I delve into my dark side more than usually.

hunter ✅ 364 days ago

That delicious feeling of working on something and doing it good.

hunter ❤️ 365 days ago

My cat had birthday and I yeeted myself all around yesterday. Yeet~

hunter 🔥 368 days ago

The pain doesn't go away - seems it will be yet another white night.

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