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Hello! I am Francesca! I'm a student coder and aspiring editor/artist!

You may learn more about me here!


hotghost_kisser 💀 11 hours ago

I hate my theme but can't find any new ones I like. Ah, the life of being indecisive.

hotghost_kisser 🔥 2 days ago

Back in my Genshin phase all for Diluc and Fischl ahahaha

hotghost_kisser 😭 3 days ago

I keep making a new theme for my website almost everyday and I hate myself so much for doing so

hotghost_kisser 🙂 4 days ago

is it me or does everyone here ( have a neocities site???

hotghost_kisser 😭 5 days ago

You know your life is messed up when you start relating to a Kikuo song.

hotghost_kisser 💀 13 days ago

I really need to update my website + my status cafe CSS but then again... I'm too lazy lmao

hotghost_kisser 💀 20 days ago

our kitchen sink just got clogged... washing the dishes with a hose rn.