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tired and nostalgic


horoyoi100 🎮 252 days ago

finally updated my psvita with a new (and not faux this time) microsd, back to procrastinating while playing otoge!

horoyoi100 💤 255 days ago

lately I haven't been feeling motivated to work on the website... or anything else

horoyoi100 😡 258 days ago

i'm tired of dishonest people, i was so excited bc i've bought an original microsd for my psvita but ended up receiving a fake one instead

horoyoi100 ✨ 265 days ago

I finished the first page of my website, yay! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

horoyoi100 😭 267 days ago

I woke up early and happy today, then headed to make breakfast and burned my hand in the process... I hope this doesn't ruin my day.